Falling Leaf

A leaf is falling from a tree.
The tree asks: „Why do you leave me?“

The leaf it says: „I don’t know why –
but if you’d like, I’ll give a try!:

Is it because I lost my green?
Where is it? No one has it seen.

Or because of the strong wind blow?
I’ve no idea, I do no know.

Is it gratitude that pushes
me to other trees and bushes?

I took profit from you some how,
from sun, rain and dung of a cow.

So do I want to fertilize
a new born tree to grow and rise?

Or do I want to serve with pride,
give the hedgehog a place to hide?

To be honest – I do not know
why I am falling down like snow.

But as the snow melts in the sun
I will transform ‚till we are one.

So I’ll be never lost for you
the only thing I know it’s true.


hedgehog = Igel (Überwintern in Haufen von angewehten Blättern)
fertilize = düngen
gratitude = Dankbarkeit


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